Discussion Question 1
At the beginning of the article, Krisak proposes the metaphor ask of "theological reflection is to peer into one's 'house of experience' through that 'window of theology' and begin to articulate what is begin observed in this relationship of a God-with-us" (309). What would be a better metaphor to use for TR in your own culture?

Discussion Question 2
In Krisak's discussion of "tools" for theological reflection, choose one tool (experience, self-awareness, text, or community) and consider how your own formation so far in religious community has shaped your understanding of it.

Discussion Question 3
In Krisak's description of major themes from Christian tradition for TR (creation, vocation/calling, soteriology, incarnation, and justice), choose one that you would like to discuss with Fr. Benedicto. How does that theme help to illuminate his mission to the Angolan soldiers?