Discussion Question 1
Recall your response to the Preparatory Question for this unit. In reviewing the possible goals, participants, and elements for TR outlined in the Instructor's Notes, which of these do you consider most important in your own current experience of TR? Why? If you are not able to name a current experience of TR for yourself, which goals, participants, and elements might be most important for you in the future?

Discussion Question 2
On p. xiii in the reading, the Whiteheads state, "The emphasis today [in ecclesiology, or theology of the Church] moves toward understanding the community of faith as the locus of theological and pastoral reflection. Pastoral insight and decision are not just received in the community but are generated there as well. Theological reflection becomes a responsibility of the community itself, a corporate task." Do you agree that TR is the responsibility of the Church in its local incarnations, such as the parish or Basic Christian Community? Why or why not?