Discussion Question 1
Choose one or two of the "realities or systems" on the 8th Day Center for Justice chart and try to answer its questions for the TR experience that you presented in Unit 10. What do your response to these questions contribute to your understanding of the example? Do you have any new ideas for new actions through this social analysis?

Discussion Question 2
Where can you find resources to continue your learning for TR oriented towards Justice, Peace, and the Integrity of Creation? Come to your discussion with one such resource to share with your group.

Closing Essay for Part 3
In a response of no more than 100 words, respond to one of the following questions:
1) Choose one reading from the course and explain why it is significant for you.
2) What is one way that your approach to ministry has changed, or will change, through studying TR in this course?
3) What is one question from the course that you would most like to ask other participants to discuss?

In addition to writing your response, read and comment on at least three other participants' responses.